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Re: [IP] Pizza Bolus question

At 11:42 PM 4/19/2002, you wrote:
>OK, so it's Friday and we have our usual pizza. I dual bolus 3/4
>of my bolus immediately and square the other 1/4 over the next 1
>1/2 hours (to end when I'm putting my daughter to bed). I am low
>(72) and shaky just 1 hour and 45 minutes later.

Sounds like the fat is kicking in after the 72..  me I use the extended 
wave (square wave) the entire amount over 2 hours.  I have not checked my 
numbers in the middle but after eating an entire large thin crust I wake up 
with 98 my last time.  My suggestion is use the good old trial and error 
method.  (one reason that you could be going low is that the carbs have not 
reached you in time to catch the insulin and the carbs hit once the insulin 
is starting on its downward curve.)

Of course this is only my opinion.  Any suggestions you read here should be 
discussed with your D. Team..  (legality got to love it)  lol

Brian Carter
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