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[IP] Pizza Bolus question

OK, so it's Friday and we have our usual pizza. I dual bolus 3/4
of my bolus immediately and square the other 1/4 over the next 1
1/2 hours (to end when I'm putting my daughter to bed). I am low
(72) and shaky just 1 hour and 45 minutes later. I was cleaning
up etc., a bit more active than usual after dinner. I have juice
and skip her bath (that activity could easily bring on a low, she
is a toddler). Then, at 1 A.M. I am 160. Is that the fat from the
pizza kicking in later? I was assuming that if you are getting a
good number 2 hours after, your good to go. Not so with a high
fat meal? You can be good 2 hours after and then go up from the
fat later? Any advice appreciated.

Kathleen, MM508
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