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Re: [IP] Disetronic batteries

> > I rebuilt my Disetronic battery pack myself using Energizer 357
> following the instructions found on the IP-website. I did this on March
> 7th. I'm still using the same battery pack, and it's 6 weeks later. I
> > got this long out of the batteries provided by Disetronic!  IMO it's the
> Renata batteries that Disetronic uses in their battery packs.  I realize
> that these are European made batteries and Disetronic being a European
> company wants to use European batteries, but this same brand of battery
> also had an early failure (just a few months) in my Ultra Meters.  Now I'm
> waiting to see how long the Energizers last in my pump.>
> > RoseLea

"Annie Wall" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi,  Just a word to the wise.  When I order my infusion sets and resevoirs
> from MiniMed at the same time I order batteries, my insurance only applies
> my co-pay to the whole order so I end up not relly paying anything for the
> batteries.  It really makes sense finding out what your insurance company
> will pay.  If you can get infusion sets, resevoirs AND batteries at the
> time for one co-pay, why not?
> ----------------------------------------------------------

I think you missed the point of Roselea's post, which is the batteries that
have been coming from Disetronic have been COMPLETELY unreliable, and I
agree with Roselea, to a point.  At some time they seem to have changed
vendors and the latest packs I have gotten, well I'm still using a set that
I changed about the same time as Roselea.  I'm not for sure, but Disetronic
may be over it's "battery failure" problem.  Maybe a bit too late for some
of us.   :>(

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