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Re: [IP] Disetronic batteries

> I rebuilt my Disetronic battery pack myself using Energizer 357 batteries,
following the instructions found on the IP-website. I did this on March
7th. I'm still using the same battery pack, and it's 6 weeks later. I NEVER
> got this long out of the batteries provided by Disetronic!  IMO it's the
Renata batteries that Disetronic uses in their battery packs.  I realize
that these are European made batteries and Disetronic being a European
company wants to use European batteries, but this same brand of battery
also had an early failure (just a few months) in my Ultra Meters.  Now I'm
waiting to see how long the Energizers last in my pump.>
> RoseLea

Hi,  Just a word to the wise.  When I order my infusion sets and resevoirs
from MiniMed at the same time I order batteries, my insurance only applies
my co-pay to the whole order so I end up not relly paying anything for the
batteries.  It really makes sense finding out what your insurance company
will pay.  If you can get infusion sets, resevoirs AND batteries at the same
time for one co-pay, why not?
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