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Re: [IP] Site samples and the "perfect" site

You said so much-this might help a number of situations. I use the IV3000 from MM. I put it down first on the skin where the site will end up. It has been said that this procedure will reduce infection and not allow bad things to get to the site. Thanks for your observations.
Subject: [IP] Site samples and the "perfect" site

> Hi all. It's been months or more since I've posted, but I thought I'd stick 
> my 3 cents in on this one, and offer a suggestion of another sample to ask 
> for.
> Several months ago I had a bad box of quicksets (they did all kinds of 
> unusual things, other than infuse insulin). I was also frustrated with the 
> shape of the top, which seemed to catch on everything. And also with the 
> inability to see the site. Keep in mind that I'm an enormous klutz :) 
> Well, I had already tried the sils (tender/comfort) for the first year or two 
> on the pump. They were OK for me and they didn't have the tendency come out. 
> But they did leave sites that weren't exactly infected, but they were a bit 
> red and it took weeks if not months for the last traces of the scar to go 
> away...It just made me nervous. I think, for me it might have something to do 
> with the tiny hole in the tape where the set goes in...Lets in "dirt." 
> Had also tried the Sof-sets....I had a day were I almost used duct tape as a 
> new pump adhesive...They WOULD NOT stay in...I looked at them wrong and there 
> they went.
> So I'm back to my misbehaving quicksets and not in the mood to use any of 
> these other leftover sites. I found a sample tucked way in the back of the 
> D-Tron Rapid...It's a metal needled (no canula) site that inserts at a 90 
> degree angle and is about a quarter inch long. I hadn't used it cause the 
> whole metal needle thing sounded....well....a little barbaric and a lot 
> painful. That, and they don't disconnect. Well, we were frustrated, and I do 
> strange things when I'm frustrated...So I decided to give it a try. Worked 
> GREAT! I couldn't feel it in, lasted 3 days (that's all I've ever had the 
> courage to go) and the best part for a klutz like me, it's about has 
> high-profile as a bandaide (totally flat against the skin). So I've been 
> using those ever since. I got a minimed waterproof sport case so I could 
> shower, and it took about a week to adjust to not disconnecting, but now I 
> don't even think about it. I'm just working on coming up with an excuse to 
> convince my insurance company that I need an animas pump (really waterproof 
> and all :) ) Couldn't do the paradigm, cause I couldn't use my sites.
> WOW that's a lot longer than it was supposed to be :) Any way, order samples 
> of everything, even the scary things :) and yes, the customer service people 
> may think you are totally crazy for wanting the things, but you never know.
> Jen


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