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[IP] Texas DPS & license revocation

Insulin dependant diabetics in TEXAS

I am looking for historical data from anyone living in the state of
Texas who has had their DL revoked by the Driver Improvement Bureau
within the TX DPS.

It appears a random scan of TX DLs prompted the Bureau to send me
documentation that my endo completed and I returned for the review.
Upon completion of the review my DL was revoked.  The letter is very
vague with details to follow.  I found I could appeal the revocation and
I did which has 'stayed' the order pending a court date with a Harris
county JP or Judge.  Details still have not been sent to me and it has
now been three weeks.

I had only ~ 10 days to request the hearing, but the letter is very
vague about my rights.

I have had detailed conversations with my endo and he said the Medical
Advisory Board that reviewed my medical file and advises the TX DPS
Driver Improvement Bureau has done their job!  They have revoked my DL
and now the matter is off their agenda and they are no longer
responsible.  It is now up to the local JP or Judge.

I have also engaged an attorney as we are currently waiting for the
detailed information from the TX DPS.  This will end up being pricey
with an attorney and a possible court appearance by my endo.  The
negative side could be having my DL revoked and possibly thus impacting
my job (maybe termination?) and then the downstream effects of no
salary, no insurance, can't make house payment, can't provide for pump
supplies, etc., etc..

As noted I would appreciate input from anyone who has had some TX DPS DL
headaches.  Pls send direct to my personal email address:
email @ redacted


Nolan E. Kienitz, PMP
Spring, TX
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