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Re: Re: [IP] Disetronic batteries

>I depends on how long the Energizers have been sitting on the shelf. New 
>ones will last a long time. Likewise, the equivalent Duracell, etc... 
>batteries are good if fresh. The problem with most batteries purchased at 
>retail is that you have no idea how long they've been sitting around. The 
>are good for a couple of years from mfg. and after that deteriorate fairly 
>rapidly, particularly if they are stored in warm or moist environments. 
>I've had batteries that lasted only a week or two and others that have 
>lasted over 2 months. High volume (for batteries) big retail drug stores 
>seem to have pretty good batteries consistently, at least for me. Usually, 
>however, I get the batteries from the pump mfg. Michael 
>email @ redacted

I bought these Energizers as backup at the beginning of last summer, just 
in case I had problems with their batteries while on vacation.  I decided 
to use them this March, since I was concerned that they've sat in my pump 
case for almost a year.  They're still going strong.  If the idea that the 
batteries getting old causes the Renata batteries to fail more quickly 
(I've never had a Renata battery last very long) must be because it takes 
so long to ship them here from Europe.  Maybe they get left on a boat too 
long. ;o)

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