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Re: [IP] Animas pump - tension clip

At 09:10 AM 4/19/2002 Ann Gervasio wrote:
 >   Yes, the case does have a fold-over flap like the case which works 
with the
 >screw-in clip with one of the top corners notched out to accommodate the
 >tubing.  The
 >tubing comes out the top when the clip is attached to the waistband.  To my
 >way of
 >thinking this is as it should be.

This just shows that we are all different. For me, I didn't like the tubing 
coming out the top, since it stuck me in the tummy whenever I bent over. 
Personally, I like the case to be in the horizontal position... although on 
the Animas, you have to read the menus sideways when it's that 
direction.  I don't actually use any of their leather cases since I find 
that they make the pump hard to read. I use the Belter (which is a nylon 
case, that hangs from my belt), but you have to take the pump out to use 
it. I wish Animas had a case like the MM Wrap-Around case, which lets you 
read and operate the pump easily from the belt position.

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