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Re: [IP] Disetronic batteries

> I rebuilt my Disetronic battery pack myself using Energizer 357
> batteries, following the instructions found on the IP-website. I did
> this on March 7th. I'm still using the same battery pack, and it's 6
> weeks later. I NEVER got this long out of the batteries provided by
> Disetronic!  IMO it's the Renata batteries that Disetronic uses in
> their battery packs.  I realize that these are European made
> batteries and Disetronic being a European company wants to use
> European batteries, but this same brand of battery also had an early
> failure (just a few months) in my Ultra Meters.  Now I'm waiting to
> see how long the Energizers last in my pump.

I depends on how long the Energizers have been sitting on the shelf. 
New ones will last a long time. Likewise, the equivalent Duracell, 
etc... batteries are good if fresh. The problem with most batteries 
purchased at retail is that you have no idea how long they've been 
sitting around. The are good for a couple of years from mfg. and 
after that deteriorate fairly rapidly, particularly if they are 
stored in warm or moist environments. I've had batteries that lasted 
only a week or two and others that have lasted over 2 months. High 
volume (for batteries) big retail drug stores seem to have pretty 
good batteries consistently, at least for me. Usually, however, I get 
the batteries from the pump mfg.

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