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Re: [IP] site and Novolog


I was using the Sofset QR by MiniMed, which has a tail and goes in straight.
Some people like this type of set because you can use an inserter with it.  I
have recently started using the Ultraflex.  It has no tail and also goes in
straight.  Only a cannula is left behind.  I have found that I can use this set
with no extra tape as long as I have IV Prep.  My son was also using the
Softset QR, but mostly because he didn't like doing it without an inserter.  He
tried the Ultraflex and seems to be happy with it.  He especially likes not
having the extra tape.  Hope this helps.


Marisa Schmidt wrote:

> What is an Ultraflex?  Does it have a tail when you disconnect, does it go
> in at an angle?  My son is 8 and pretty lean.  We use ComfortSets
> (Silhouettes) now because of this, but he can't stand to look at the needle
> so he can't learn how to change his own set.  I don't see this changing for
> quite awhile.  And since I can't be with him all the time (and the school is
> so supportive - said with a sarcastic tone) I would really like him to be
> able to do it in a pinch - no pun intended.
> Thanks,
> Marisa
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