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Re: [IP] Diabetes technology

I'm a geek too. I have a little spread sheet on my palm called MiniCalc. I have
all my numbers programmed in so all I have to do is put in my blood sugar. It
tells me how much hbs bolus to take to lower me to my target. It also tells me
what I can expect my blood sugar to be in one hour, two hours, three hours, ...
until I get back to target. It was pretty easy to set up. I use it mostly to
keep myself on target. I could also add the numbers for a meal bolus but so far
I haven't really needed that. If I'm low, it tells me how many Carbs to eat to
get back to my target.  When I exercise, I just change my target.
My palm is one of those dark greenish screens though and that's the one thing i
don't like, it's hard to read. The back light isn't useful.
I'd  *love* to see a Palm with the little slot for the test strip. You just put
the test strip into the Palm instead of a meter. The palm would do all the rest.
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