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[IP] Diabetes technology

Being a tech geek (as some of you) I have submitted this suggestion to
glucometer companies and have received a fairly positive response...
New PDA9s have a 3smart flash2 option. This is like a tiny little hard drive
where more programs or data can be stored. It is about the size of a postage
stamp. You can also get smart chip readers for desktop computers.
Glucometers should have this technology built into them as well. You could
store your blood sugar and other nutritional, medication data on this chip,
and then use the chip in a Palm or other computer. This would eliminate the
need to hand enter every reading. Just download the data. You still have two
devices, but they integrate better. And until miniaturization gets better,
it would be hard to combine a PDA and glucometer into one device (especially
since the PDA market is now focused on incorporating cell phones into

I always get some looks from people when I test my blood sugar, pull out my
palm, enter the bsl, look up and record the carb count on the palm,
calculate the ratios using the palm calculator, finally enter the bolus into
the pump. One of my nicknames is 6 of 9 like the Star Trek character, 7 of
9, who is half cyborg. I just wish I had her figure!
Amy B. Anderson
email @ redacted
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