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Re: [IP] "Hiding" showing pump - human factors stuff

ICE BREAKER-"have you ever felt a pancr..?", do you want to feel my pancr.." "One reason I don't brown nose more is because I am a diebetic"
I am realy a lot of fun at parties, don't know, just invite me youwillsee, just pay for the transportation.

> In a business environment, I don't go out of my way to let people know I'm
> diabetic, it's not usually the subject at hand...  So I guess in that sense, I
> usually try to be discrete about it. Mostly I just don't feel it's anyone's
> business at work. However, if the subject comes up and some one asks me about
> it, I'm happy to talk with them. I'm always meeting people who are interested
> in knowing about it and I'm always very happy to show it to people.
> "Parker, B.E., Mrs" wrote:
> > That's nice Eddie, but do you wear dresses that have no pockets, or belts,
> > or anything to hang a pump on.  Now why would I buy something like that?  I
> > did, but pre-pump.  Now all of my clothes purchases are geared towards,
> > 'where will I wear my pump conveniently?'
> >
> > IMHO!
> >
> > Barb


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