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RE: [IP] Ketone Question

I am not sure what you meant by "the same effect," but I wanted to make sure 
that anyone out there who is considering an Atkins-type diet (although I 
would advise anyone in such a position to check out Dr. Bernstein at 
http://www.diabetes-normalsugars.com) knows that ketosis and ketoacidosis 
are not the same thing at all.  Eating a very low amount of carbs will put 
you into ketosis, but that's fine.  In fact, you cannot lose even a pound 
without being in ketosis - it is the state of losing fat and it is normal 
and healthy.  If you're diabetic and you're dehydrated and your body has no 
insulin to run on (and usually you are throwing up and/or having diarrhea) 
AND YOUR BLOOD SUGAR IS HIGH (never happens when not high), then you are at 
high risk of ketoacidosis.  It is dangerous and it's a very different thing 
than ketosis.

For almost the first eight years that I had type I, I found it nearly 
impossible to control my blood sugars - my lowest A1Cs were 14, and they 
were often higher, even though I was doing several shots a day and testing a 
minimum of six times a day.  Then I stopped eating carbs because I thought, 
I have to take one of the variables out of this equation.  I went down to 30 
g of carbohydrate a day, went into ketosis (stayed there for a year), and my 
next several A1Cs were right around 6.5.  I have since figured out that I 
had another disease the whole time that was probably the reason that my 
blood sugars were so difficult to deal with.  Now that I'm being treated for 
that, I can eat carbs, but I did so well on 30 grams a day that I'm never 
going back to "normal," though I have added more fruits and veggies and 
probably have more like 60 or 70 grams a day now.  I just don't believe that 
pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, and cereals are particularly good for anyone, 
and certainly not necessary to my diet.

I just wanted to put this out there because I feel like the low carb thing 
practically saved my life and I wouldn't want someone to be scared off from 
it if they need it...


>Are you eating a regular diet of carbs, protein and fat?  The Adkins-type
>diets that allow you to freely eat protein and fat, but starve you of carbs
>will have the same effect since there is a deficit of carbohydrates to fuel
>your body.

>Hello all,
>I have something going on that has never happened to me before.  On Monday
>of his week I had a high BS of 324 upon arising with moderate ketones.  I
>think it was a combination of a bad site and not feeling great.  I haven't
>had a BS that high in a year.  I corrected and things evened out throughout
>the day.  I haven't had a BS over 140 in the past 24 hours but still have a
>trace of ketones. Have had ketones (very slight) all week.  Does anyone 
>any insight as to why this might be happening?

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