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Re: [IP] Blood in canula

My response:
You are probably inserting too deep or not deep enough.  If you can, make an appt. with your CDE
and demonstrate - s/he can tell you what you are doing wrong.  If you can't get to your CDE, try
changing the angle.  I used them for years, and recently had a CDE tell me I don't need to pinch
so much, and I should keep the angle more even with my skin.

>>>>From: "Carla Roberts" <email @ redacted>>>>>>>>>
Subject: Re: [IP] Blood in canula

I just experience this problem yesterday.  I'll
be glad to hear responses as well.  Not sure what
happened.  I had 3 readings in the 300's
very scary.
C. Roberts

>>> email @ redacted 04/17/02 11:57PM >>>
For the last 4 site changes, I've experienced bleeding when I take out
the old Sil.  This last time I had blood in the canula and somewhat
unporedictable bg readings for the 15 hours before the actual change.  I
pull the skin well away from the muscle before I insert the new Sil.
I'm thin.  Does anyone have any ideas why I am getting blood in the

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