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[IPn] Pending Velosulin shortage, Novolog $25 off coupon

Hi Pumpers, 

I just received this note from our friends at Novo Nordisk. Due to 
some production issues, there is a shortage of Velosulin that will 
show up in the retail distribution supply line in the near future, 
read on.....

email @ redacted

" Novo Nordisk is currently experiencing a temporary back order 
situation with their buffered regular insulin Velosulin. The 
backorder situation is not currently affecting the retail outlets, 
but it is expected that there will be shortfall in supply in a matter 
of months. This might be the opportunity for you to try the new 
rapid-acting insulin analog NovoLog, the only insulin analog approved 
for pump use, thereby avoiding to mix insulins. For a NovoLog rebate 
offer worth up to $25 depending on the amount of your insurance 
co-pay, either email Novo Nordisk at email @ redacted or  call 
1-800-727-6500. The offer is also available at www.novolog.com".
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