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Re: [IP] Ketone Question

Ketones are caused when cells are not getting enough glucose (which is 
delivered through the blood stream and "escorted" into the cells by insulin).  
The cells begin to starve and look for fuel elsewhere- they burn fat.  Ketones 
are a biproduct of the fat burning.  You can have ketones regardless of whether 
or not you are diabetic.  Diabetics get ketones when there is not enough 
insulin to help the glucose molecules get into the cells.  You may be getting 
some insulin, or none at all.  It takes some time before they will go away 
completely.  Usually, if I have high ketones in the am, it takes until the next 
day, sometimes 2 days, to be completely clear of them.  You have to put enough 
glucose back into the cells for them to stop thinking they are starving.  I 
have been in the hospital 3 times in 12 years because of ketoacidosis.  When 
you have ketones for a prolonged peroid, your blood chemistry goes haywire 
because the cycle of cells getting energy is disrupted and it takes more 
intensive treatment to fix everything.  Usually I have been given insulin, 
glucose, and potasium in an iv.  I hope this helps.

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