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Re: [IP] Traveling & Getting Supplies

>     If your supplier will not drop ship to you internationally, have a
>friend or family member get your supplies as often as needed and then mail
>or fedex them to you at your next scheduled stop.

When I lived in France a few years ago, I had my doctors double and triple 
some of my prescriptions.  I brought over 6 months worth and half way 
through my family sent another six months worth.  The real problem was the 
cost of insurance.  As in, the cost to insure the package being sent over.  
I think it cost $300 just in shipping costs, not to mention co-pays.

This probably would not work if you are going to be traveling around, but my 
plan (when I go to Spain for the year in September) is to schedule my 
friends' and family's visits somewhat around my supply reorder dates.  I'm 
hoping they'll be able to bring some of my supplies over with them in order 
to bypass the shipping problem.

Hope this helps a bit.

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