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Re: [IP] New Animas Pump

At 08:46 AM 4/18/2002 Denise G wrote:
 >Are you happy with the Animas versus the 507?  I know I'll have lots more
 >buttons to push but feel that it will force me to be more focused.  (too
 >many seniors moments lately.)  Also did you find any differnce in the more
 >rapid insulin delivery as well as the more frequent delivery of basals.?
 >Some pumpers told me that they had to reduce their basals.

So far I'm happy with the Animas. Actually the screens are a lot easier to 
read (even through my trifocals) and if you make a mistake, it's easy to go 
back (there was no back button on the MM). The more rapid delivery has 
caused me no problem and I've noticed no differences in my basals. But 
since everyone is different, your experience may not be the same. I changed 
set types at the same time too... went from the Silhouettes to the 
Quick-sets. I figured, that while I was changing things, that I might as 
well change everything. So far, I like the new sets too.

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