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[IP] New Animas Pump

Sam wrote

>I just replaced my old MM 507 with an Animas last month. It comes with a
>leather case and a clip. Also, when you send in the warrantee card, they
>will give you a colored cover of your choice for free.

;Also I am finding myself really stressed out at retiring my original pump.

>Animas will send out a trainer if you can't get to your own CDE in a
>reasonable time. They also send a video tape showing the basics and their
>documentation is reasonably clear. It does take a little bit of time to get
>used to the differences, but it's not hard. Call Animas, let them know when
>you expect your new pump to arrive, and ask them about getting trained on

Thanks for your reply.  I will call Animas if I have a problem.  I'm glad I
didn't order the colored cover now since I'll be getting one free.
Are you happy with the Animas versus the 507?  I know I'll have lots more
buttons to push but feel that it will force me to be more focused.  (too
many seniors moments lately.)  Also did you find any differnce in the more
rapid insulin delivery as well as the more frequent delivery of basals.?
Some pumpers told me that they had to reduce their basals.

Denise Guerin
Type 1 47 years
Minimed 507 4 years

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