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[IP] Animas pump - tension clip

Ann wrote:

<I use an Animas pump (slightly smaller than an average sized deck of
<playing cards) with their new leather case.  It uses a tension clip similar
<those found on eye glass or cell phone cases and lies flatter against the
<than the original screw in clip which comes with the pump.

I received my original animas pump with the screw-in clip - I never use it
because to me it makes the pump "hang out" too far from my waistband, etc. and
I always just put it in my pocket (yes - I never buy pants or shorts without
pockets anymore).  Last fall someone said there was a new clip for the pump
that was closer to the body and I called for one and I received the exact same
screw-in clip I already had.  Is there really a new clip that lies "closer" to
the body?  Like something that would just fit tight to the waistband on your
pants?  I see many people's beepers with a totally different kind of clip that
do "fit tight" to their waistbands.

Thanks for any information.

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