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Re: [IP] insurance company woes- venting

In a message dated 4/17/02 8:10:41 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> When they ask what I'm calling about I tell them
> my story and could I leave a message, and some have actually told me that
> they don't cover pump supplies!  Then when I ask to leave her a message to
> please call me, they are like "whatever" 

Are you talking to a customer rep?  You need to ask for their supervisor.  I 
have had problems with my ins (cusotmer reps telling me something is approved 
when in reality it was not).  I requested to talk to their supervisor (and 
she got everything straightened out) and now I exclusively only talk to her 
(you would not believe all the screw ups there were).
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