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[IP] New Animas Pump

My pump supplier National Diabetic Pharmacies will be shipping me my new
Animas pump on April 23, the day the warrantee on my Minimed 507 expires.
Does anyone know what kind of case it comes with if any  or do I have to
purchase a case separately and at my own expense.?   I know that if I want a
colored cover I have to purchase that at my own expense.  My Minimed 507 had
originally come with a leather case so I hope that will be true of my

Also I am finding myself really stressed out at retiring my original pump.
I saw my CDE to have him review the Animas pump with me and when I showed up
for my appointment he had forgotten the pump at home, so we reviewed how to
test basals and other stuff, but I would have liked to change the cartridge
and do a prime (didn't have that on my Minimed).  I won't get a chance to
see my CDE  again before I get my new pump so I hope I can figure the
cartridge thing and priming on my own.  The reason I want to start using it
as soon as I get it is that I'm eager to get over the fear of making the
change.  I never thought I would get so darn emotional about changing pumps
especially after having considered each model so carefully.  So much for
rational decisions . <grin>

Denise Guerin
Type 1  47 1/2 years
Minimed 507 4 years
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