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Re: [IP] insurance company woes- venting


Sorry to hear about your trouble.  Try calling the insurance co. and asking 
for a manager or supervisor. Get mad and forget about being nice, tell them 
you want answers now!  Don't limit to calling 1 time a day-keep bugging them. 
 Tell them it is a very serious health care issue and you need supplies NOW!  
You might even have your doctors office FAX over the medical necessity letter 
again and call for confirmation that the ins. co. received it. There is NO 
excuse for the way insurance company is treating you.  If you still have 
trouble, contact whoever you have the insurance through (your employer's 
benefit dept. and tell them how bad this ins. co. is).  Most of all don't 
give up!  Sometimes it helps to also look through any paperwork you have 
received from the ins. co. (books explaining coverage, what your covered for 
and how you can file a complaint).  Use any info. to your advantage 
(definitely file a complaint!). and call any contact number you can find for 
additional help.  I hope you get answers soon.
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