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[IP] islet cell transplants

Yes, the doctor speaking of it did say "brittle" diabetics are who are going 
to be considered.  He did not specify exactly what a strict regimen for 
possible canidates should be, but said that on his team there are a group of 
endos who would review canidates, based on info from each persons endo (in a 
written report I believe) and then make decicions on if that person would be 
a candidate or not.  As far as being picked goes, he did not go into exact 
specifics of the process, but there is testing done, then the islet cell 
transplant itself, the hopital stay, with more tests, then the 
immunosupressive drugs.  He said even though there has been great progress in 
the past 30+ years, there is still alot that needs to happen.  It takes 2 
donors to get the 2 tablespoons of islet cells needed for the transplant.  
Then, the immunosupressive drug issue, complications from them...including 
diabetes, cancer, among others...they are currently doing research to stop 
all this and make it so that immunosupressive drugs are not necessary...but 
that is in the future.  It has been a slow process, but at the 6 centers 
currently doing these researches, they are making new advancements, so 
perhaps  they can start to isolate the problems and correct them.  I did not 
take notes, but listened very closely to the doctor...hope this is helpful!  
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