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[IP] insurance company woes- venting

I found out my insurance company covers pump supplies (there was a panic
there for a while when we were not sure) but we had to submit a letter of
medical necessity.  No problem, the doctor's office was great, sent it out
that day.  That was 2 weeks ago and I have not heard from the insurance
company.  When I have called, no one has heard of the woman whose name I
have as a contact person and of course she doesn't have a direct phone
number only a fax number.  When they ask what I'm calling about I tell them
my story and could I leave a message, and some have actually told me that
they don't cover pump supplies!  Then when I ask to leave her a message to
please call me, they are like "whatever" so I doubt she has gotten one of my
4 messages.  I have enough of most supplies for about a month, but have run
out of tegaderm tape.  That's what I use to shield the skin from the site
because I am allergic to everything... so now it's itching like crazy
because I don't have the stuff.  How am I supposed to get my A1c right when
I have to deal with this crap?  Why does it take so long for them to process
this?  They say it's covered with the letter, I sent the letter and
prescriptions... what's the deal?  When we first were told to send the
letter, and in the letter, and in my messages, every time I have said I need
to know where to get the supplies and this is exactly how much I have
left... but nothing.  I could not do this sooner because it took a month to
just even find out if they were covered!  I didn't think it would take this
long.  Why do they put us through this?  It seems obvious as the sun that if
we stay healthy they will pay less $ in the long run, so it is in their best
interest for us to stay healthy.  To do that we need proper supplies, good
doctors, and no unnecessary stress (I know for certain that stress raises my
bg's).   Am I missing something??  Thanks for letting me vent.

I feel so much better now :)

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