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[IP] Life Insurance for Diabetics!!!

I have seen some post from others discussing life insurance coverage.  Like
some of you, my parents knew that it would be near impossible to get
insurance with diabetis.  They were able to get me some coverage soon after
I was dx.  I'm now 47 years old and know that it is about impossible and/or
extremely expensive to get a life insurance policy.  If you are young, I
would look into investments, ie mutual funds, etc.   You are gambling that
you won't die tomorrow.  I would do this if I were single and/or did not
have children and my wife worked.  If you'r married and/or have children, I
would certainly consider some type of life insurance, whole life or term.
It all depends on YMMV issue.  My wife and I are in the process of
reevaluating our insurance policies to see what the possible options are.  I
guess the best advice I have is go talk to insurance and investment experts
and look at your options.

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