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[IP] A bit on Porcine Islet Cells

In case anyone is interested in learning more about porcine islet cells. I
have put a page together at the new Funds For DIABETES web site with some
more recent articles. http://fundsfordiabetes.org click on the research tab
once you are in the web site. I also have a report
dated 11/01 here on my desk from DUKE UNIVERSITY where they experimented
with Baboons. I am waiting for permission to post at the FFD site, but it
explains that no matter how you work it, there will never be enough human
islet cells to cover the need. Porcine islets, from special herds of pigs,
are proving to be one possible solution providing they can work through a
few more details. It looks as if Duke's further studies are being held
hostage by the FDA and the Department of Health and Human Services. The main
concern here, (that is being proven invalid in other parts of the world), is
the fear of disease transmission to humans by zenografts. This is being
solved by encapsulating the cells prior to transplant, a procedure Diatranz,
in New Zealand, in conjunction with other global research labs, are

The Children With DIABETES Foundation, is hoping to
support the work of Dr. Robert Elliott in New Zealand who is truly at the
Global forefront of experimenting on humans, having 5 out of 12 patients
showing reduction of insulin dose of > 70%. If you wish to help in this
effort, host a portrait session!
At www.fundsfordiabetes.org  We are sending 100% of all profits to CWDF to
raise the 3 million dollars necessary for this next triai!

And, if you are particularly intrigued by all this and would like to
participate in a private, controlled e-mail interview with Dr. Elliott
himself, please contact me personally at email @ redacted . This
is one more thing I am working on for the newly designed Funds for DIABETES
web site. I really want our customers to know where 100% of their profits
from this program are going. :)

Working Diligently Towards the CURE,
Connie Miller
Photography benefiting the Children With DIABETES Foundation.
If  9 out of 10 people that read this say NO, we still raise $300,000 this
year for CWDF.
If  9 out of 10 people that read this say YES, we raise 3 MILLION this year
to fund a porcine islet cell transplantation trial.
Are you with us? http://www.fundsfordiabetes.org
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