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Re: [IP] "Hiding" showing pump - human factors stuff

I never hide my pump and whenever I can I show my pump and instruct all I can. I am a modern diabetic fighting for my life and quality of life.

Subject: Re: [IP] "Hiding" pump - human factors stuff

> That is something I feel that pump and glucometer companies should think about.
> Pumps and glucometers essentially become "part of you". It would be nice if
> companies started thinking about how they can shape the pumps and glucometers to
> better fit with bodies. For instance one thing I'd like is a glucometer that has
> a hole in it so you can put it on a chain around your neck. And also hang the
> other supplies needed. I consider it something that has to go with me
> everywhere. So why hasn't the same amount of thought gone into it as they've put
> into hearing aids.
> Or a glucometer that you wear like a watch. it could look like the glucowatch,
> but be a regular glucometer.( You prick your finger, and use a test strip) The
> precision QID seems to be mostly air inside, I'm sure they could make it smaller
> and put a wrist strap on it.
> Also, why do all the lancing devices have to be so enormous? Why can't someone
> make a (REUSABLE) lancing device that's the size of a bic pen. I have a
> MediSense "pen" glucometer, and the lancing device is bigger than the meter!
> Wallgreens make a short lancing device which is nice, but mine lasted only about
> 2 weeks before it stopped firing.
> Also, why not look into making a pump that conforms more to the human shape.
> Somehow make it flatter for people who don't have folds and bumps and places to
> hide the pump. That's not my particular problem mind you --- I've got plenty of
> places to hide it.
> Also, why not make a glucometer that's very flat and fits into a day minder.
> And why not make a pump that also has a reservoir of glucose so you can adjust
> your glucose both UP and DOWN with the pump.
> and and.....
> 8-)
> I feel like no one listens to me sometimes. Or maybe I just haven't found the
> right people/companies to tell my ideas and feedback to. I've even participated
> in tests for glucometer makers and I suggested that someone make a wheel
> cartridge of test strips so that you don't have to mess with individual strips
> all of the time. By the time I wrote that,  Bayer had already developed a
> cartridge.
Thanks Sue. Welcome back

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