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[IP] islet cell transplant

Emory is currently beginning the screening process for possible candidates.  
I believe they will be choosing 5 people.  The doctor who spoke at the  forum 
I was at is the head of the transplant team.  The conditions he said that had 
to be met were:  at least a diabetic for 5 years, between the ages of 18-65, 
type 1 diabetic, severe hypos or hyerglaucemic episodes even with rigorus 
testing, having a doc and following up very closey with them and be willing 
to stick with a very strict regiment, no previous kidney problems....those 
were the basic ones(and all that I can remember).  He spoke of the 
immosupressive drugs, and the complications that they can cause 
afterwards..hence the no previous kidney problems.  If you have any more 
questions, ask me...hopefully I can remember the answers!  Heidi
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