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[IP] Hiding Pump

I wear a MiniMed 508 and have found a really good solution.  When I started
7/01 I used a thigh band.  It bothered me and if it wasn't tight enough it
would slide down my leg.  Then I moved it to just below the knee which was
better, but still a little awkward.

Now I use the same leg strap and just loop it around my underwear.  The pump
hangs in front of my pocket.  It is not noticeable, wearing tight jeans, loose
dress slacks, whatever.  To do a bolus I just reach in my pocket and the pump
is just under the pocket material.  I can feel the buttons and hear the beeps.
No holes, no tubing outside, nothing.  The waist band of my pants secures it.
The method could be duplicated by wearing a very thin belt under your clothing
to loop the band around if you didn't want to use your underwear.

This works really well for me and my wife even comments sometimes that she has
no idea which side I'm wearing the pump on.  Since I started this method,  the
whole issue of hiding the pump has gone away.  Take care.
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