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[IP] Re hide pump

The only time I have to hide mine is in a dress @ church
    I wear it on my upper thigh with a thigh pouch Minimed.
$12.95   I personally dont care for thewaist pouch it is kindof bulky. But
everyone is diff. 1-800-843-6687 Im not sure if it is on the web site.
I can wear it under tighter or short skirts and as long as you put the pump in
the middle of you leg no one can see it. I have never had it fall down and we
are up and down alot in church . Unfortantley I can not hide much in the bra
area.lol   I also wear this @ night (for some of us that like to sleep w/o
clothes ,its works great.   Pants I just clip to my pocket so it does not ride
on my waist. I can always tuck in shirts and not real noticable . Some people
ask what the tube is and I just say my life line. No diffrent than glasses
that some people need .  Even people that know that I have it sometimes say
when did you get a beeper,                                          Carla
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