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Re: [IP] "Hiding" pump

I've always worn the pump loose in the pocket of my jeans, since 1996. But I'm a blue jeans type of person.  I have noticed that after a while of wearing it there every day, the jeans will start to get a worn outline of the pump, that shows on the front of the pocket. But yeah, I vote for the pocket, it's been the easiest.
You can also do it with dress pants.

When I first cut a hole in my pocket, I put a metal eyelet, big enough to slip the sofset quick connect threw. It prevented the fabric from fraying but then I realized it was the metal eyelet that was tripping the metal detectors at airports, and NOT my pump. So I went to plan B which is that hot glue binding tape that you sew seams with. You get it at sewing stores.

If I wear something good and have to tuck the pump away, I use the remote control. It's very easy and works well for boluses.

> I always carry the pump loose in the front pocket of my clothes.  I cut a
> small hole in the inside the pocket in the liner (near the top) then run the
> tubing through the hole and reconnect.
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