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[IP] Life Insurance Advice needed

Dear Pumpers,
I realize there was just a thread about this issue, so if I repeat
anything please excuse me!
I have had an insurance policy (now held by Mass Mutual) since I was 8 y. 
I was diagnosed with Type 1 at 16y.  Recently my insurance agent called to
ask about updating my policy to a Penn Mutual one (from a low yeild to a
high yeild).  Everything sounded fine and dandy until the health questions
started pouring in.  The agent would not tell me how being a Type 1
diabetic would affect a new policy.  He just kept saying, "Let me bounce
this off-a my guy in medical..."  

My question: if I get a new policy with my current health information on
it, will it be subject to change over the years in a different way than
the one with my fabulous 8 yr. old health record?  (now I'm 31,
coincidentally)  Now, of course I'll look at the numbers and compare that
way, but I wonder if there is something I don't know how to look for.  Do
any of you have advice?  If not about the insurance than about the company?

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