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RE: [IP] "Hiding" pump

Because I have a 'rounder' tummy, I tuck it into the front of my underwear.
This won't work for men because of the obvious.  Ladies underwear are not
made 'bigger' in that area, and will hold the pump nicely.  Of course,
depending on the undie style, you might lose it out the side (been there,
done that).   My dresses, etc. are not form fitting and fall straight down
from my waist band.  This covers the 'bump'.  This is also a very convenient
way to sleep with the pump.  I have no children, and as soon as I get home
from work, I change into my 'play' clothes.  Well, the first thing I do
while changing is drop the pump down the front of my undies.  If you knock,
give me time because I have to dig out my pump and put it in a 'reasonable'
place before I answer the door!! <grin>

I also tuck into the front of my bra, but depending on the bra, sometimes I
'lose' it (it works its way off, trying to escape, I suppose).  I have
turned it inside out, putting the clip on the outside of the bra, and this
seems to work, but feels more uncomfortable.

Since I don't have the remote on mine (507C), I have to go into the bathroom
to bolus, or dig in the front of my blouse in public! <grin>


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