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Re: [IP] "Hiding" pump

You might also want to try some of the accessories that are available for 
wearing a pump on your thigh (esp. under a dress) or calf (under slacks), or 
on a waist-it belt under a blouse . . . Some ladies have had good luck using 
control-top panty hose or tight spandex bike shorts under "fancy" dresses 
(tucking the pump any number of places, like the thigh or the small of your 
back) . . . It is possible to hide your pump, especially for special 
occasions, but I think the reason most pumpers I've encountered wear their 
pump on their waist or in a pocket is that it's just easier to have it 
readily accessible .  .  . BTW, if you're interested,  Unique Accessories 
that offers any number of options (you can order direct from them, plus I 
think most of the pump companies carry at least some of their stuff) -- I 
can't seem to find the link . . . Hopefully someone else out there can post 
it . . .

Pumpmama to Katie
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