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Re: [IP] Tape Not Sticking


You use IVprep and Mastisol?  We have been using Mastisol by itself and do
manage to get three days out of the site, but by the third day the edges all
around the set are coming up quite a bit.  I need to get this resolved
before pool season.  Do you let the IVprep dry completely before applying
the Mastisol?

mom to Scott 8 years old and pumping

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Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2002 11:36 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Tape Not Sticking

>Kathy, and anyone else that needs to know...when Josh started pumping over
>years ago NOTHING would make his sites stick to his skin.  Then we heard
>about Mastisol Liquid Adhesive.  We have barely used up hald of the 4 oz
>bottle in over 2 years time.  We wouldn't be able to be pumping if not for
>this stuff.  I apply it to Josh's site using a QTip after using IV prep.  I
>leave the center area free of M. so that the canula does not get stuck or
>sticky.  I fan the area for a few moments to allow it to get a bit tacky
>before I insert the set.  Josh can now spend a long time in water and not
>have his sites come off.  Like I said he would not be pumping if not for
>  Ferndale Lab (888) 548-0900  www.ferndalelabs.com  (makers of Mastisol
>   WFR Aquaplast Corp (800) 526-5247  www.WFRAquaplast.com
>   www.BuyMed.com
>in Canada   Respircare 1-800-267-6352
>Hope this helps!
>mom to Joshua
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