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Re: [IP] Tape Not Sticking

Kathy, and anyone else that needs to know...when Josh started pumping over 2 
years ago NOTHING would make his sites stick to his skin.  Then we heard 
about Mastisol Liquid Adhesive.  We have barely used up hald of the 4 oz 
bottle in over 2 years time.  We wouldn't be able to be pumping if not for 
this stuff.  I apply it to Josh's site using a QTip after using IV prep.  I 
leave the center area free of M. so that the canula does not get stuck or 
sticky.  I fan the area for a few moments to allow it to get a bit tacky 
before I insert the set.  Josh can now spend a long time in water and not 
have his sites come off.  Like I said he would not be pumping if not for this 

  Ferndale Lab (888) 548-0900  www.ferndalelabs.com  (makers of Mastisol
   WFR Aquaplast Corp (800) 526-5247  www.WFRAquaplast.com

in Canada   Respircare 1-800-267-6352

Hope this helps!

mom to Joshua
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