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Re: [IP] "Hiding" pump

Kim Bohnet <email @ redacted>  wrote:

> Ever since I first learned about the pump, I've always heard about how
> it was to "hide" it on your body under your clothes so that no one would
> know you were wearing it.
> I got my 508 a few weeks ago and have been practicing wearing it to get
> to it until I get put on insulin (two weeks).  I'm finding it nearly
> impossible to "hide" it unless I'm wearing thick layers of clothing.

If it has been less than 30 days, you can return it and try one of the
"other" pumps that have different "profiles"    I wear my H-tron in an arm
pocket and because of its shape I just appear to have a larger bicep!    ;>)

The Animas pump also has a "rounded" back that tends to "blend in" to our
"rounded" figures.    :>)

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