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Re: [IP] Glaucoma rx

Happy Birthday Diane!

Glaucoma can be related to age or diabetes or genetics (it tends to be 
familial).  If you have a plus powered glasses Rx (eg +2.00) meaning that you 
are farsighted, these people tend to have a smaller area for the fluid in the 
eye to leave by.  As we all age, the lens in the eye continues to grow and so 
gets thicker.  If the escape space (the angle) is small to begin with, this 
may make it even smaller making it harder for the fluid to get out.  That 
increases the pressure in the eye. This is why some people will have a 
pressure reduction after cataract surgery - the older thicker lens is 
replaced with a thinner piece of plastic. Diabetes can induce glaucoma as 
retinopathy progresses, one of the side effects is neovascularization.  
Sometimes those vessels grow over the area where the fluid leaves, again 
elevating the pressure.  Your IOP of 22.6 by itself means nothing.  It is 
however an indicator making your doc (an OD?) do further testing.  The real 
problem with glaucoma is optic nerve damage.  Some people can withstand much 
higher pressures.  Some people will have damage with much lower pressures.  
So, your doc wants to see if your pressure is to high for your optic nerve.  
He will do another pressure check - frequently at different times of the day 
to see if you show a diurnal variation.  A visual field test is also the norm 
- this is pretty much the standard to see if any damage has been done to the 
optic nerve and damaged your side vision.  Another tests some docs will do is 
with a nerve fiber analyzer.  This actually looks at the nerve fibers leading 
to the optic nerve to see how thick/normal the layer looks.
Depending on the cause of the pressure, and if it has damaged the nerve, they 
may laser a small hole in the iris (the colored portion of your eye) to let 
the fluid out from behind the eye or may start you on drops.  I don't think 
any of them (the drops) have any effect on BS levels.  The only real concern 
is if you have serious heart problems or asthma, there are some drops they 
will avoid.  A few of the drops can cause a change in the thickness of your 
eyelashes or change the color of your iris - but that is usually a small 
price to pay if it drops the pressure and prevents damage to the nerve!

I hope all goes well!
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