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[IP] Type 2 and dawn phenomenon

I am also a type 2 and have been on the pump since January 2002. Reading
your message Jannie was like reading about my experience. I have been having
trouble with high morning bg's since being diagnosed and have finally
started to see results with the pump. It has taken some adjusting of my
basal rate.  While trying to figure this out, I began testing immediately
upon waking at 5:30am and then again right before breakfast at 7am. I found
that my bg's were raising anywhere from 10-20 mg/dl between waking and
pre-breakfast (no food consumption at all).  I ended up raising my basal
rate from 3am through 7am, 6am was not enough for me. I was already making
sure that I was replacing any basal lost when disconnecting to shower by
bolusing the appropriate amount upon re-connecting, so this was not the
problem. I would keep trying and working with your diabetic educator until
you achieve the right balance for you. I felt that for me it was best to
take a conservative approach when adjusting basal rates that I sleep
through, to avoid the potential of a severe low while sleeping.
Good Luck!

In a message dated 4/14/02 9:16:18 AM US Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< I'm a type 2 diabetic on a pump since July of 2001.  I've been having
 with what I thought was dawn phenomenon.  My fasting readings are always
 higher than my bedtime readings.  I've checked them during the night, they
 don't jump dramatically, but they seem to rise slowly.  I've raised my
 from 3am - 6am, doesn't seem to have made any difference.  I was reading
 Pumping Insulin, read something that confused me.  "Although a true Dawn
 Phenomenon does not occur in Type 2 diabetes, a high morning reading is
 a problem.  Type 2s are not susceptible to insulin reactions at night so
 can use a higher basal at bedtime and then increase it at 1 or 2 am to
 the tendency to go high in the morning."  The part about type 2s not being
 susceptible to insulin reactions, is what surprised me, I'm wondering if
 being too conservative with my adjustments of my nighttime basals.  Anyone
 have any experience with this, or any advice? >>
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