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[IP] "Hiding" pump

Ever since I first learned about the pump, I've always heard about how easy 
it was to "hide" it on your body under your clothes so that no one would 
know you were wearing it.

I got my 508 a few weeks ago and have been practicing wearing it to get used 
to it until I get put on insulin (two weeks).  I'm finding it nearly 
impossible to "hide" it unless I'm wearing thick layers of clothing.

I've tried to follow some of the pictures I've seen, but nothing I've tried 
seems to work.  There is definitely a 3D rectangle that sticks out from my 
clothing.  I tried hooking it the side of my bra under my arm, and my arm 
sticks out at an awkward, very perceptible angle...

Is it my clothes?  Is it me??  I mean, it's not the end of the world for me 
to wear it on my waistline, but I would love to have a few more options...

I would appreciate any help you guys could offer!


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