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Re: [IP] Glucowatch

>      I ordered my Glucowatch about 6 mos. ago, and hated it!!  It did not
> meet my expectations, so I sent it back.  I had to puncture my arm 5/6
> before I could get a reading.  I then compared it with Accucheck, and it
> never even close.  I don't recall if it was higher or lower, or maybe it
> varied.
>      I had originally ordered it through a magazine coupon, and they also
> an 800 no.  I kept calling with my complaints, or perhaps I was doing
> something wrong.  I was finally told that it was not for everyone
> that means).  All I can tell you, is try it...you may like it.  If not,
> send it back.  I hope that I have helped you.  Good Luck
> Ellie

Are we talking about the same device here? The Glucowatch Biographer by
Cygnus as describe at www.glucowatch.com?

1.  Your reference to an 800 number makes me think you may be located in
North America but the Glucowatch was not generally available in NA 6 months

2.  The Glucowatch is advertised as non-invasive which doesn't seem to match
"I had to puncture my arm 5/6 times".

3.  My understanding is that the Glucowatch is calibrated each time you use
it against your usual meter so the fact that it did not match your meter
sounds strange too?

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