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Re: [IP] Glucowatch

In a message dated 4/16/2002 4:22:33 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>  I had originally ordered it through a magazine coupon, and they also had 
>  an 800 no.  I kept calling with my complaints, or perhaps I was doing 
>  something wrong.  I was finally told that it was not for everyone 
>  that means).  All I can tell you, is try it...you may like it.  If not, 
>  send it back. 

I don't think you are the only person who had a similar frustrating 
experience.  From what I heard this is one reason why it's taken so long to 
get to any kind of wide distribution -- they figured out that people need 
some training & information on how to use it . . . I know that the kids who 
were part of the Glucowatch study at the BDC helped them learn a lot about 
potential pitfalls and solutions .  .  . It's a different set of problems 
than can occur when pumping but I think that it's likely to require similar 
kinds of troubleshooting/experimentation in a lot of cases because the 
technology isn't nearly as simple to use as, for example, todays glucose 
meters . . . 

Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on one and try it on Katie -- 
principally for alerting me to those hormone induced periods of extreme 
insulin resistance that only seem to occur at night (and, of course, with no 
preditable timing as to when she's going to start at spur) -- even if there's 
some initial hassle, if I can get it to work for her, I won't have to get up 
so often at night!

Pumpmama to Katie
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