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Re: [IP] insulin

> I would be interested in studies or personal experiences with
> Humalog compared to Novolog in the pump. Much difference there?

Depends on the individual. I've collected posts since Novolog came on 
the market. There are three catagories

1) People that see little or no difference (the majority).

2) Humalog / Velosulin mixers i.e. those allergic or sensitive  to 
Humalog. This is about 6% of the pumper population. These people 
generally see great benefit, i.e. less insulin use, no mixing needed, 
better control, etc..

3) Those sensitive to Novolog. Like (2) above, poor control on 
Novolog, good control etc.... on Humalog. There are very few reports 
of this so far, not enough for statistics. Novolog is new and there 
are not nearly as many users.

There are reports of advantages of one vs the other than above, but 
they are still small in numbers and YMMV. Basically, it boils down to 
the fact that there are two good insulin analogs on the market and it 
appears that in almost all cases, that if a person has a problem with 
one of them, the other will work. For most people, both work and it 
is a matter of individual preference as to which is used. There may 
be advantages of one over the other, but I don't have enough data to 
support a statement at this time. The scientific evidence about 
efficacy is available through MedLine.

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