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Re: [IP] Unlubricated reservoirs

For many years MiniMed has been advising pumpers to spread the lubrication
around before you fill the reservoir with insulin. They are manufactured
with a lubricant, but if the package sits on the shelf for months or years
the lubricant doesn't stay in the right place. So you are supposed to rotate
the plunger several times, and push it back and forth, to relubricate the

I just found the small piece of paper (3" x 5", or 76 mm x 127 mm) with the
following paragraph in 9 languages:
"We recommend that you cycle your syringe twice by pulling back while slowly
rotating the plunger prior to filling the syringe. This action will evenly
distribute the lubrication in the syringe barrel and assist in providing
constant insulin delivery with your pump."

In my opinion, if you are unwilling to read package inserts like this, or if
you are unwilling to do what is recommended, then it serves you right when
the reservoir doesn't work like you expect it to.

Tom Beatson
dx 1942, 506 1995, 508 2000

> I had a set of reservoirs that I was having a problem with. I called
> MiniMed and they were willing to replace them.

> Billie

> Monterey Counseling Center wrote:

>> We seemed to get a whole box of r's that have too little or no
>> lubrication.  Very hard to slide.  Used one anyway last night and
>> our 12 yo has been high ever since.  Wondering now if it could
>> have been the reservoir.  Has this ever happened to anybody else?
>> What did you do?
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