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[IP] Re: "Fitting in" in school

Hello, all -

I was diabetic all throughout high school and college and all the rest of
my life (almost).  I truly did not feel any different from anyone else.  I
took my shots when I had to and ate sugar when I was low.  I told those who
needed to know and there was never much reaction - not from the adults nor
from the other kids.  My friends were aware of my "condition" and also
didn't make much of it, other than to remark occasionally that I "couldn't
eat" something.  That didn't bother me in the least.

If something DID bother me in high school, it was that I felt I wasn't as
pretty or as popular as I'd like to be.  I cried many tears over those
issues, but NEVER over my diabetes.  I simply accepted it as part of my
life.  Of course, that's not to say I liked it.  I suffered greatly from
the inconveniences of shots and hypos, and more than anything not being
able to eat what I wanted.  But it was just one of those things, and I knew
other kids had problems, too.  It was just not a big deal.

Now that I am MUCH older, I can say with certainty that diabetes - until a
very few years ago - never was a big issue in my life.  Yes, now I have
complications and now it is a big issue, but it's been 46 years.....and I'm
entitled to some problems.  : < )

My unsolicited advice to young  - and old - people today is to take care of
their diabetes with dignity and aplomb, without too much fuss.  Perhaps
then others will do the same.

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