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Re: [IP] help with 16 year old daughter!!

I'm trying hard to not let other people's opinions of me mean SO MUCH
all the time!  Anyone else have trouble with this??
dx T1 16 yrs ago @ age 9. Hoping to switch to pump therapy soon!


I feel a little like you do sometimes.  I feel like I have to watch what I eat
in front of people because of comments I get.  My own mother and fianci argue
at me about skipping meals, but only because they don't understand how the pump
works.  People ask me stupid questions because they just don't know. I really
hate trying to explain to some people because their response it always
something about their aunt or uncle or somebody they know.  The feeling of
being "policed" comes from many directions though.  I get it from friends and
family, co workers, doctors, and even people who are complete strangers.  I
hate it when people see my medic alert necklace and it starts up a whole
conversation.  I think a lot of people think they are helping in some way.  I
have always viewed myself as normal with a slight uniqueness, therefore, I do
at times keep my diabetes to myself.  The diabetes is mine.  I have to deal
with it at all times and therefore, I choose to keep it to myself.  I try not
to use it as an excuse because people will eventually see it as just that "an
excuse."  I am sorry for venting, but I do get a little aggravated at times.

type 1 for 21 years, pumping for almost 5 years
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