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Re: [IP] almost 2 year's

> has any one been on a pump 2 or more year's and still having problem's? I
have been on the 508 for 18 month's and still do not have this stuff dialed
in (still hit 280 somtime's)
Do you ever get this #%$@ down ? ever?
One day it's 15=1 carb's and then the next
it's 6=1  ?????? this is getting on my last nerve!
doug ): >>>

I have been pumping 6 1/2 years.  I woke up this morning at 181.  You cannot expect to be perfect
all the time.  In my case, I was high this morning because I overcompensated for being on the low
side when I went to bed last night.  I was 104, but it was only 2 hours since I bolused for
desert.  So I knew I had 2 1/2 hours worth of that bolus still left, didn't want to go low during
the night, and ate too much glucose before going to sleep.

There is so much involved, stress, delayed reaction to fats in food (I had steak for dinner last
night, I think that contributed to my high this morning as well), variations in absoption from
different sites, your activity level, and on and on.
If your carb ratio is varying that much (from 15 to 6), you may need to include bolus for your
protein in the meal.  I think this is discussed in Pumping insulin.  Basically it involves adding
some bolus to cover the protein.  
Another idea is to look at what else was going on that day.  Consider your activity level, maybe
the how old your site is, maybe the location of the site (I absorb the worst in my abdomen, better
in my thigh or hips), and so on.
I know I need smaller bolus's on the weekend than during the week because I am more active.  
Also there are times when I just seem to be 'running low' or 'running high' and then I adjust my
ratios to compensate.

When I feel like I am all over the place, I keep a detailed log including my numbers, my ratios,
what I ate (especially if I ate out), and anything I can think of that might have affected my

Hope any of this helps - bottom line is it's not a perfect mathematical equation.

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