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re:[IP] help with 16 year old daughter!!

>Am I the only one who didn't go through this as a teenager?  Sure, I wished 
>I didn't have to be different, but it really was never a
>big deal to me.  I guess I'm pretty fortunate.
You are fortunate!  I wish I had known you in high school, I probably could 
have felt much more supported and NORMAL!  I agree that college was 
definetely the worst period for my diabetes care, but high school was really 
tough.  I was trying sooo hard to be normal and fit in.  Sometimes people 
who didn't know me very well, but knew I was diabetic, would make comments 
at lunch like "diabetics can't eat that!," etc. and I would feel so 
embarrassed.  I think it's the comments from misinformed people, or those 
who think they should "police" what you are eating that made me want to hide 
it in high school.  Now that I feel more educated on my own disease, and 
have better control, I can take those comments and re-educate people.  In 
high school, you are trying so hard to fit in, and that doesn't include 
paying close attention to your blood sugars...sooo, they are not in good 
control, and you want to hide them from people who like to check up on you.  
I have found that my desire to "fit in" has really stuck with me, and even 
now I'm trying hard to not let other people's opinions of me mean SO MUCH 
all the time!  Anyone else have trouble with this??
dx T1 16 yrs ago @ age 9. Hoping to switch to pump therapy soon!

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